"As a driving enthusiast, I was looking for a cost effective way to become a better driver. I track my car and I have learned that without proper instruction you really won’t get any faster or better by just doing more laps. If you want to be a better driver, you need quality training. RaceCraft1 really helped me. It is a cost effective way to learn proper car handling on a very realistic simulator. The same way pilots have been doing it for decades. Various driving exorcises that can be paused, broken down as they happen is very helpful. There’s also hard data with graphs and charts which can be looked at so you can see how you are driving and what the car is actually doing. In a few short lessons, I have improved my driving skills dramatically. And it’s a blast. Kelly is an excellent instructor with a ton of driving experience so if your looking for a sure fire cost effective way to improve your driving skills in ways you didn’t think possible, check these guys out. You won’t be sorry."

- Don Pozywio (Track day enthusiast, airline pilot)

"What amazing people! [RaceCraft1 Chief Instructor] Kelly Jones has helped my son become a better driver and racer. He also showed up at one of his races and gave him advice and training at the track! Due to the training he received my son won 7 races and set a new track record that people said would be difficult to break, at best!"

- Michael Holbrook

"Amazing facilities, great equipment, very open and friendly environment, and incredible driving coaches such as Kelly Jones. Definitely recommended for any lover of cars & speed. 10/10"

- Chrishawn Hall

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for all the work you guys did with my son Kasey in the eSports series. On the track this year already he has shown tremendous growth. Not only did he go out and set track record at a track he's never been to last weekend, he went and practiced at another track last night and was putting down some very fast and consistent lap times. But even more important than that is the feedback he is now able to give his crew. He said that is a result of working with you guys. Thank you for that!"

- Rhond Kleyn

"RaceCraft1 is top-tier training for anybody. My first race at National Corvette Museum went much more smoothly after RaceCraft1 training. I will always recommend it to everybody!"

- Patrick Guffey

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the coaching [RaceCraft1 Instructor] Chase Austin gave our daughter, Katie Hettinger.

She met with him weekly over the past few months to work on her Sim racing and also develop skills she can apply to her physical race car. Specifically, Chase taught her how to describe the performance of her car using a systematic and sequential approach based on entry, middle and exit of a corner. This helped Katie better communicate to her crew chief in her first few outdoor practices of the season! He also helped her comprehend relative position of the throttle and steering wheel, again, with transferable knowledge to her physical car. In addition to the great technical coaching, he was patient and kind, taking a different approach if Katie wasn’t grasping what he was teaching! He also made it fun and enjoyable! Our overall experience with driver coaching through RaceCraft1 has been positive!

If you have a form of recognition within your company, please consider recognizing Chase Austin!”

- Jessie Hettinger

"I came to RaceCraft1 after meeting [Chief Instructor] Kelly Jones at the Skip Barber Indycar Academy shootout at Sebring. I finished tenth in the shootout but felt that I had driven as fast as I was capable of at that time. Over the past few months, Kelly has helped me develop the tools to become a smarter driver. We initially focused on how to appropriately utilize the sim environment, develop consistency, racecraft, and the racing mindset. Focusing first on the fundamentals, we pinpointed weak areas in my performance and targeted those to improve my technique. For example, initially if I felt that my lap times were off pace, I would try to drive the car more aggressively by braking later carrying greater amounts of speed into the corner and trying to mash down the gas pedal on exit. It wasn't until Kelly explained to me that the difference between a fast lap and an average lap was being more precise and shrinking your margins of error that I was able to increase my pace consistently.  To date, after only three months of training, I have seen significant improvements in my consistency, my racecraft, and in my confidence as a driver. I have referred friends to this program, and regardless of their experience level, their feedback has been unanimous: RaceCraft1 provides drivers with the tools and knowledge to reach the front of the pack."

- Charlie Streicher

"The primary driving skills I wanted to work on with RaceCraft1 were car control, acceleration through turns with better entry and exit, brake onset, duration and release, and better track management. All were addressed in an organized and detailed outline while learning through the Sim experience my weaknesses and corrections. I chose RaceCraft1 because the instructors (Kelly for one) are typically at the 10/10ths events we join for track days. I started in the Novice group and knew he was a great instructor. I have been ready to learn more and advance my skills and decided RaceCraft1 was a great fit. With RaceCraft1 instructor lessons and using the Sim experience, I was able to apply the learnings, make mistakes and learn more about car control and handling becoming faster with more car control on the track. The outcome was knocking 10 seconds off my lap time and a greater confidence and skill level for upcoming track events. This will impact not only my track driving but also my daily driving. Knowing how to handle the car in a variety of situations and at speeds I typically drive, becoming not only a faster driving for track events, but also a safer driver on the streets."

- Jennifer Lantz

"[RaceCraft1 Chief Instructor] Kelly Jones exemplifies the consummate professional, student of his craft and trusted advisor. We met Kelly ~5 years ago, when my son, then age 9, was seeking additional coaching for his Sprint Kart Racing. 5 years later, Kelly has been a trusted partner and mentor to my son, Christian ever since. Kelly was instrumental in helping Christian build race craft and driving skills in his state of the art simulator facility, RaceCraft1. Not only has Kelly helped with driving skill, but knew the right approach to work with a 9-10-11-12 year old who dreams of pursuing professional racing. Additionally, Kelly has supported our races by being trackside at all of our yearly races in Indiana and shares information & collaborates with Christian's local racing coach. In closing, he has helped us navigate the motorsports space, as Christian has now ventured into open wheel car instruction. We are delighted to recommend Kelly as a trusted advisor and mentor to any up and coming racer."

- Michael Rutty

"I am excited to recommend [RaceCraft1 Chief Instructor] Kelly Jones. Kelly was my high-performance driving instructor and mentor for two years (2017-2018). Kelly used simulation training, in-car coaching, and data analysis to help me become a better high-performance driver. His outstanding instruction helped me master key concepts in a short period. If you’re interested in pursuing quality high-performance driving instruction, I recommend reaching out to Kelly at RaceCraft1."

- Jamil Jamil

"[Chief Instructor] Kelly Jones and his team are fantastic. Last summer I started HPDE events as a novice. I met Kelly when he was instructing at Putnam Park with 10/10th Motorsports. I quickly learned how respected he was with all the drivers and learned that he is one of the best in the industry. I engaged RaceCraft1 to accelerate my knowledge and skills. The facility is amazing with state of the art simulators that translate to real skills. I learned more than expected including several car control techniques, proper accelerating, braking techniques, reading the track, proper cornering techniques and so much more. Capping off the training with actual in car instruction this spring resulted in rapid progress and significantly reduced lap times. What a great experience! Getting the most out of yourself and your car on track is exhilarating and brings you a tremendous amount of fun. Thank you, Kelly and team, for all your instruction, professionalism and fun!"

- Michael Lucas

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